Student Discounts

Student Discounts in the UK

Fed up of being a poor, badly dressed, hungry and unequipped UK student? Flashing your student card when out and about in the UK can get you hundreds of student discounts on things such as clothes, food and technology, and can even get you some free goodies and helpful services reserved solely for students.

With so many student discounts out there waiting to be exploited, we wanted to provide a handy list of stores and retailers that regularly offer student deals both online and in store. Offers include up to 50{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} student discount on laptops and other technologies, as well as up to 25{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off restaurant food bills and takeaways. For all discounts you should present your student ID card at the time of purchase.

Useful websites for finding discounts

  • Save The Student– Provides free, unbiased advice on how to make your money go further, and lists temporary UK student deals to take advantage of (such as free drinks/snacks). It also has search tool to look for student discounts.


  • Student Money Saver– Also features a range of student deals and discounts, as well as advice on how to manage your money.

UK student discounts for clothing

Watch out for the occasional 20{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off offers!

  • ASOS– 10{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} all year online (with an NUS or NUS Extra card or UNiDAYS).
  • Boohoo– 10{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off all year round.
  • Burton– 10{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off all year round.
  • French Connection– 15{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off online and in store.
  • New Look– 10{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off all year round.
  • Office(footwear) – 10{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off in store and online.
  • Schuh– 10{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off in store and online.
  • Topman/Topshop– 10{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off all year round – you’ll need to be a UNiDAYS member to get this online.
  • Urban Outfitters– 10{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off all year round.

UK student discounts for entertainment/media

  • Odeon Cinemas– Student ticket prices and discounts.
  • Cineworld– Reduced price tickets for students.
  • Spotify Premium– 50{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off premium subscription (with UNiDAYS or NUS Extra).
  • The Guardian– 80{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off digital subscriptions to The Guardian and other perks.
  • The Independent i-newspaper– Student subscription, 1/3 off full-price subscription.

UK student discounts for school supplies

  • Foyles bookshop– 10{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off in store and online.
  • Waterstones– 10{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off when you spend over £25 (with UNiDAYS).
  • Blackwell’s– up to 50{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off university textbooks.
  • Paperchase– 10{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off in UK stores and online with UNiDAYS, plus 10{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off photocopying, printing and services in store.
  • Ryman Stationery– The Ryman ‘Student Genius Club’ offers 10{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} student discount in store and online, as well as 20{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off photocopying, printing and binding services.
  • Cass Art– 10{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off online with a Cobalt Blue Student Card.
  •– The Amazon Student scheme offers free one-day delivery for six months and 50{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off Amazon Prime thereafter (making it £39).
  • Software4Students– Featuring student deals and discounts for Microsoft, Adobe and anti-virus sofware.


UK student discounts for mobile

  • O2– Free 16-25 Railcard, and 20{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off your Airtime Plan, when you sign up to O2 Refresh.
  • Vodafone– 10{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off selected price plans.

UK student bank account incentives


  • HSBC– A £60 voucher, plus a year of amazon prime benefits with the HSBC student bank account. (Other perks include in-credit interest and an overdraft limit of up to £3,000 with no fees.)
  • Natwest– Free four-year National Express coachcard, giving you a third off coach travel. (Other perks include a gradually increasing overdraft.)
  • Santander– Free 16-25 Railcard (see above) for four years with the Santander student bank account, saving you a third on all rail travel within the UK. The free overdraft limit is up to £1,500.


Note: Although these offers are tempting, never let the incentive be the main reason for choosing a particular UK student bank account. Consider overdraft limits, interest rates and whether there’ll be a branch near your university. You can compare student bank accounts and their current incentives here.

Types of UK student discount cards and online codes

  • ISIC(worldwide) – £12 a year, the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) offers discounts to students in 130 different countries. Although largely US-centric, an ISIC card is considered an accepted form of student ID in many UK stores.
  • NUS card(UK) – The NUS card is issued free of charge to students enrolling at participating universities in the UK. The most common UK student discount card, the NUS card is accepted in most UK stores and provides an ID number which can often be used to redeem student discounts online.
  • NUS Extra card(UK) – £12 a year, the NUS Extra card acts as an upgrade to the free NUS card and offers exclusive student discounts worth up to £500 a year to students in the UK.
  • UNiDAYs(Australia & New Zealand, United States, UK, Ireland, Germany and Denmark) – UNiDAYS is an online student scheme, for which those studying in participating countries can register for free. UNiDAYS offers student discounts with brands such as Apple, ASOS and Urban Outfitters. Also available as a handy smartphone app.
  • Student Beans– A site for student discounts in the UK, which features some offers that you won’t find on UNiDAYS, for example 10{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off Oliver Bonas, 20{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} student tickets at Alton Towers and discounts on food brands such as Papa John’s.

UK student discounts for food

  • ASK Italian– An NUS Extra card will give you 40{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off your total food bill all day Monday and Tuesday, and 25{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off your total food bill every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.
  • Dominos Pizza– 25{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off online purchases of £25+.
  • Giraffe– 20{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off your food bill all day Monday to Friday and Sundays from 6pm. (with an NUS Extra card).
  • Gourmet Burger Kitchen– 25{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} for students with the GBK app.
  • Krispy Kreme– 20{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off with an NUS Extra card.
  • McDonalds– Free burger, mayo chicken or McFlurry for students with the purchase of any extra value or wrap meal. Valid until 31 August 2017.
  • The Cooperative– 10{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} grocery shopping in store (with an NUS card).
  • Yo! Sushi– 25{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} when you join the Yo! Love Club for students.

UK student discounts for health and beauty

  • Boots Opticians– Save 25{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} on your first pair of glasses or prescription sunglasses, with every additional pair of glasses or prescription sunglasses half price.
  • Supercuts– 20{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off haircuts and services with a student ID.
  • Superdrug– 10{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off for NUS Extra cardholders. You also need to have a Beautycard (the store loyalty card).

UK student discounts for technology

  • Adobe Creative Cloud– 65{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off Adobe creative cloud services.
  • Apple for education– Apple’s student deals which vary throughout the year. Receive up to 15{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} student discount on laptops and Mac computers and up to 4{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} on iPads with education pricing.
  • HP– Up to 30{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off HP products (PCs, printers, supplies and accessories).
  • Maplin Electronics– 5{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off in store.
  • Microsoft Office– 15{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off with UNiDAYS, plus a four year student subscription to Microsoft Office for £99.
  • Norton Security– Save 50{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} on Norton internet security and antivirus systems.
  • Sony Education Store– Up to 10{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} student discount on laptops and all other Sony electronics.
  • Phoenix Student Store– Student deals and offers on branded electronics and software.

UK student discounts for travel

  • 16-25 Railcard– 1/3 off all rail travel in the UK (cost of card is £30 per year or £70 for three years). You can get 12{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off a railcard with Student Beans.
  • 18+ Student Oyster photocard– 30{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off adult-rate travel cards for use on all Transport for London services (i.e. underground, overground, buses and trams). Only available to students living at a London address during term time and enrolled at participating universities in London.
  • InterRail Global pass– Up to 15{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off the InterRail Global pass and other offers for students.
  • Megabus– 10{f64527a2e3c0545f5adaa46e8ff8f5bed5ea22a6eb780a0ac3602b7b98ead51f} off all coach travel with Megabus (with an NUS Extra card).
  • National Express Young Persons Coachcard– 1/3 off full-price National Express coach tickets (cost of card is £10 per year) for 16-26 year olds.
  • STA Travel– Student deals and offers for round-the-world travel.
  • Student Universe– Student discounts on flights, hotels, hostels and tours.