Network Engineering and Telecommunication Systems (NETS)

HND Network Engineering and Telecommunication Systems (NETS)

HND Network Engineering and Telecommunication Systems (NETS)

HND Network Engineering and Telecommunication Systems (NETS) | Meet the demands of the fast-growing network and telecommunications sector with this HND in Network Engineering and Telecommunication Systems. The 2-year programme has been designed to develop your technical capabilities within the telecommunications industry. It will introduce you to the essentials of networking, programming, systems and telecommunications – while also improving your personal communication skills.

Spectacular advances in the field of Telecommunications and Computer Networks Engineering have made a huge impact on modern life. Good telecommunications and networks engineers are in very high demand from companies who design, install and maintain telecommunications and computer networks with local, regional, national and global reach as well as private and public networks. This diploma course readies you for a career in the technologically-advanced world of telecommunications. It integrates the fundamentals of computers and their make up with the more advanced principles and techniques of telecommunications systems and TCP/IP networks.

This HND Network Engineering and Telecommunication Systems (NETS) course takes an in-depth look at the communication networks that connect people and organisations around the world. Through a combination of coursework and engaging assignments, we will take you closer to the real working environment. This will ensure you gain the knowledge and practical skills you need to launch a successful career in NETS. This 2-years HND Network Engineering and Telecommunication Systems (NETS) Diploma, prepares students with the skills and qualifications necessary for working with communication networks. Investigating areas including the telecommunications business, computer platforms and programming concepts, your course is designed to provide you with a solid grounding for further study or career progression.

Course Length: 2 years;

Start dates: February / July / October;

HND Network Engineering and Telecommunication Systems (NETS)

Course Structure

Year 1

  • Computer Platforms
  • Personal Skills Development
  • Programming Concepts
  • Networking Technology
  • Database Concepts
  • Networking Concepts
  • Systems Analysis
  • Website Design

Year 2

  • Telecommunications
  • Technologies
    • Network Infrastructure
    • Internet Server Management
    • IP Networks
    • Supporting NOS and OS
    • Switch Engineering
    • The Telecommunications
  • Business Environment
    • Network Engineering and
  • Telecoms Systems Project


* The units can vary, depending on the optional modules which your institution will choose for the course structure.

This engaging two-year HND programme utilises a combination of interactive real-world assignment and regular coursework, all geared on connecting learning to practical work activities. Students will be prepared to work in a number of NETS careers, including network engineer, IT support, process engineer and much more. Study in London and gain experience and contacts from some of the top technology companies in the world.

This HND qualification opens up a whole range a range of specialised employment opportunities. This may include the pursuing of a career in network management, network operations, engineering consultancy, process engineering or network engineering design, a career in the rapidly expanding field of mobile communications, or in the research and development of new networking technologies.

This HND in Network Engineering and Telecommunication Systems (NETS) is designed for anyone seeking to start a career in NETS with a highly regarded industry qualification. The diploma can enable you to pursue a career in areas such as network engineering, consultancy, process engineering. IT support and mobile network solutions.

  • Minimum Age: 18 years old;
  • Applicants are required to submit proof of prior certificated learning (e.g. Secondary School Diploma/Baccalaureate/Level 3 qualification) or relevant work experience;
  • Applicants who do not have English as their first language will be required to demonstrate an approved level of proficiency in the use of the English language;
  • An interview with the college is compulsory prior student registration.
  • Applicants must bring their original certificates when coming for registration;


The Tuition Fee of the course will vary depending on the institution you wish to study in, as well as your status in the UK. The course is available for UK/EU and International Students as well. Please contact us to find out the tuition fee for a specific course you’d like to know about.

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If you are an UK/EU citizen or living in the UK on Indefinite stay, you can receive support from the government via Student Loan Company to cover tuition fees and some living costs while studying, depending on your circumstances. Tuition fee loans, to cover the full cost of your course, are paid directly to the course provider. Maintenance loans can be applied for at the same time, lending you money at the start of each term. You won’t have to pay back the loan until after your course, when you’re earning above a certain level.  Students can still apply for grants if they’re eligible for certain benefits, disabled, or need help with childcare costs.