Nursing and Midwifery

Nursing and Midwifery Level 3 Diploma

Nursing and Midwifery Level 3 Diploma

Nursing and Midwifery Level 3 Diploma | If you’re looking for a career in nursing, midwifery or other related healthcare occupations and want a bridging course to get onto a university-level programme, this course can get you there. Nursing and midwifery are incredibly rewarding careers which are perfect if you have a caring nature and you are committed to supporting people through some of the most difficult and/or joyful times of their lives.

This Nursing and Midwifery Level 3 Diploma course will prepare you for a degree in either subject area, equipping you with the knowledge and skills you’ll need to progress onto this level of study. You’ll get a fantastic overview of how the human body works, as well as exploring the sociological and psychological aspects of health.

The role of the midwife is very diverse. She carries out clinical examinations, provides health and parent education and supports the mother and her family throughout the childbearing process to help them adjust to their parental role. The midwife also works in partnership with other health and social care services to meet individual mothers’ needs, for example, teenage mothers, mothers who are socially excluded, disabled mothers and mothers from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Nursing and Midwifery Level 3 Diploma

If you want to or you are already working in a health care and nursing environment then this course could open up further opportunities for you. The course will cover Genetics, Human Physiology, Infectious Diseases, Reproduction and a host of other subjects and provide you a good ground and preparation for a degree course in Nursing and Midwifery as well as other related courses in health care and treatment.

The Caring Profession offers a variety of rewarding careers working with adults and/or children in the community. With an anticipated national shortage of nurses and midwives, there is no better time than now, to join this profession. Access courses are designed to provide adults with the opportunity to return to education and gain an A Level equivalent qualification, which is recognised by universities.

Course Length: 3 – 6 months;

Start dates:  January April, July, September;;

Nursing and Midwifery Level 3 Diploma

Course Structure

  • Biological Communications Systems
  • Genetics
  • Human Physiology
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Inherited Diseases
  • Reproduction
  • Human Respiratory and Cardiac Systems
  • Skeleton and Muscles
  • Ethical Issues in Social Policy
  • Sociology of Health
  • Psychopathology
  • Treatment and Therapies
  • The National Health Service

* The units can vary, depending on the optional modules which your institution will choose for the course structure.

You will learn through a combination of lectures, practical, seminars and tutorials and private study. The subject modules are assessed through a mixture of written assignments, portfolios, end of unit tests and exams.

Students on this pathway have progressed onto a wide range of degree courses including; nursing, midwifery, mental health nursing, social work and paramedic.

Upon successfully completing the course, you can progress onto undergraduate programmes within the Healthcare sector, or other allied related subjects.

Nurses and midwives form the largest group of staff in Health and Social Care and are a crucial part of the healthcare team. They work in every sort of health setting, from accident and emergency to working in patients’ homes, with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Examples of jobs opportunities for a Level 3 Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery graduate:

  • Playgroup Assistant
  • Adult nursing
  • Mental health nursing
  • Children’s nursing
  • Nursery Nurse
  • Playgroup Leader
  • Senior Play worker
  • Childminder
  • Health visitor
  • Midwife
  • Social Worker
  • Nurse assistant
  • Midwife
  • Speech Therapist
  • Criminal Scientist
  • Housing Officer
  • NHS Officer
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Radiologist
  • Applicants must be 19+, motivated to study with a clear intention to progress to a higher education course;
  • There are flexible qualification requirements for admission, but all applicants will be interviewed during the admissions process.
  • Applicants will need to take a diagnostic assessment of literacy (unless already qualified to Level 2 in English and Maths)


You can choose to fund this course yourself. The Tuition Fee of the course will vary depending on the institution you wish to study in, as well as your status in the UK. Please contact us to find out the tuition fee for a specific course you’d like to know about.

Government Founds – Student Finance England

If you are an UK/EU citizen or living in the UK on Indefinite Stay, you can receive support from the government via 19+Advanced Learning Loan to cover tuition fees costs while studying, depending on your circumstances. These loans help learners aged 19 and over, to pay the fees charged by approved colleges and training organisations in England.

You can get a tuition fee loan to cover your full course fees. You only start to pay back your student loan after you finish studying and are earning over £21,000 a year.